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This year's Teen Week was full of team bonding and exploration of the beautiful city of Florence. Every activity was used to apply their English speaking skills to real life situations. Here are some photos capturing our time together:

Teen Week

"My favorite part of the camp was meeting the American students. It

was fun to ask them questions and they are very interesting."

— Caterina

"I liked the tour because I learned many stories about the city of Florence and I was able to explain them in English to the Americans."

— Noemi

A Tour of English!

The students got the opportunity to recite interesting stories about Florence's history to an American couple during a tour of the city. They visited several little-known sites around the city and practiced their English among native speakers!


The camp ended with a long hike from Fiesole to the top of the mountain. Once there the students took in the gorgeous view and reflected in their journals, using as many descriptive words as possible to capture their surroundings.

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